About Good - For All CIC (GFA) trading as Good For You

Good for all is an asset to the local community, offering a wide variety of quality products at affordable prices tailored to local needs- whilst building social hubs, encouraging community activities and interactions, as well as offering support and opportunities to needing charities and individuals.

Looking back to 2003, the majority of local high-street shops had shut, and trade moved rapidly to the nearby shopping centre- where consumer choice was limited, and prices un-competitively high. The shift away from local retail had in addition to limited specialised choice and inflated prices had a negative impact on the community, as local gathering spots and social meeting places were disappearing- as well as on the neighbourhood itself, as with fewer people using our high-street maintenance had become a lower priority, leading to a deterioration in cleanliness and appeal of the local streets.

We can confidently say that this is no longer the case, at least in our backyard in Hendon- with a noticeable positive trend around all GFA locations.

Commercially GFA caters to the everyday needs of consumers, dealing in (generally non-food) Household, toys, some garden products- tailored to meet specific needs of consumers in different locations. We offer quality goods at very competitive prices, affordable and inviting to the local community, covering both mainstream product ranges and those which have become hard to find in large corporate chains. In addition to the high-street presence and in order to cater to a wider audience at a greater convenience, we have extended our operations to e-retail as well.

Socially the presence of GFA shops has changed high-street dynamics. People are going to good-for you (our trading name) not only to buy quality products, but as a social activity - to meet members of the local community, catch up with friends and meet new people in these community hubs.Our staff are highly trained, and ensure to help and support the community with which they are engaged above and beyond average consumer expectations, (i.e. awareness of purchases for a particular birthday or age groups,). In order to not alienate and support community members who might be otherwise excluded from the shop and social experience at Good for-you, we offer to deliver goods for those shoppers who are not able to carry their purchases.

We firmly support offering equal work opportunity.

We regularly employ young adults whom we train in retail and online sales. helping them get used to a working environment, and develop key working competencies.

We support many charitable projects within the area.

We offer extended support to all local schools, ranging from donations to special discounts.

GFA additionally offers discrete support to a couple of soup kitchens, providing them with crockery and tableware.

We additionally partake in local charitable community projects, some of which have proven to be repeat successes- the most popular of which has been our charity balloon race, a model which has shown a track record of successful fundraising and achieving high public engagement within the community.

GFA uplifts the local community as a whole, bringing people closer together and establishing social relationships, whilst offering a wide range of high quality goods at affordable prices. We offer career and work opportunities indiscriminately to a wide variety of local talent, and entwine strong work ethic and a desire to offer quality services with an appreciation of the importance of the local community at heart.

Kind Regards,

Chaim Shine

"We do our best to make our customers satisfied with our service. It's our mission to provide you the best possible service. We're happy with the results. And the result are happy customers. "

Where are we located?

Goood For You has multiple branches at various locations in London including Hendon, Edgware and Golders Green. We have also held branches at East Barnet and Essex (Walton on the Naze and Clacton on the Sea).

How long have we been running our online sales?

We started to sell items on the internet in 2003 through E-bay and later through our own Website.We have now fully redesigned our On- Line Shop to make it customer friendly and easy to use. Good For You is a company providing multiple type of products in our branches and online. Currently we sell toys, disposables, household, stationery. party and occasional holidays stuff. We are always ready to provide the best products at the lowest prices for both Jewish, Christian and other religious holidays. We are known for making the greatest effort to ensure that our customers have suffered the highest level of satisfaction at the lowest price.

We have worked hard in order to make our Website’s experience as good as, and if not better than EBay and Amazon.

Check our various feedback on different sources including amazon.co.uk and eBay.co.uk

To all of you, from all of us at Good For You - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Chaim Shine